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Jul 9, 2013

Photography By: Kevin Chow

Words By: David Monzingo

This IS It!: Jason Lau’s Lexus IS300


A hidden gem is often an overlooked object, that once found, surprises many people. For Jason Lau and his 2005 Lexus IS300, “hidden gem” is only the beginning to their story. From blending in to the popular crowd, and then quietly emerging with a slew of JDM parts from a Toyota Altezza, Jason has transformed a somewhat ordinary Lexus into something special.

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Jul 5, 2013

Photography By: Derrick Mance

Words By: David Monzingo

#PictureMeRollin: Allen Castillo’s Lexus LS460


This week’s #PMR comes all the way from Hawaii! Allen has done a wonderful job with this big-bodied Lexus LS460, we are speechless! A big shoutout to Derrick Mance for taking these incredible shots! Thanks for the submission guys!

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Jun 17, 2013

Photography By: Kevin Chow

Words By: David Monzingo

Expect the Unexpected: Ryan Knittel’s Subaru WRX Wagon


There’s something to be said about being able to turn an otherwise unnoticed daily driven grocery getter into a head-turning masterpiece at a car show. Ryan Knittel has achieved just that with his 2004 Subaru WRX wagon. What started off as a simple car purchase with a short list of future modifications, turned into a full-blown build with quite an exhausted list of “goodies”.

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Jun 15, 2013

Photography By: SPhoto

Words By: Matt Makarucha, SPhoto

A look back at: Slammed Society 2013: Hawaii (May 19, 2013)


Mahalo!  When you hear or think of Hawaii you usually think of a tropical vacation, palm trees, beautiful beaches, coconuts, hula dancing, or whatever your imagination comes up with. However since I can remember, Hawaii was hardly been known for bad ass cars!  Within the past years ‘til this day, Hawaii has been on the rise in the car game and is finally being recognized as a key player in the import/euro tuning industry. After all there is more to Hawaii than just grass huts and beaches.   Every so often, we get sick builds getting up on the major car sites coming out from the islands. Recently all the so called big dogs in the industry are now coming down to host bomb ass car shows to show the whole world what Hawaii has to offer! Read More

Jun 12, 2013

Photography By: Louis Ruff

Words By: Louis Ruff

PLAYERS 2013 (UK): Official Coverage


Players Show, now in its 7th year of existence is tearing the UK car scene to bits. Ran by two crazy men Carl Taylor and Jamie Mctoldridge with a don’t care attitude. These two are no strangers to show scene with a successful event held at an airfield in Essex later on in the season this year they wanted to put another date in the dairy.

Players classics! Why classic may you ask… well I think this was all down to the location. Held at Goodwood motor circuit, which to give you a little insider opened in 1948, the first single seat race for Graham Hill and was the very place that ended Stirling Moss’s career. It is with out a doubt a very special place in the history of motorsport and it is the first time that cars of this culture have every parked up on the Goodwood grass.

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Jun 9, 2013

Photography By: Ethan Watson

Words By: Ethan Watson

Old’sCool : Trio of Slammed Mercedes-Benz


Besides all owning slammed Mercedes, Luke Smith, Ashton Lafleur and Junior Sanchez all have one thing in common- From start to finish of our shoot, they seemed to have a better time than anyone I’ve had the pleasure of shooting before. It’s not that most are unhappy or anything, but this bunch keeps it lively in any situation. These cars are not here because of how clean they are, or how much money has gone into building a set of wheels, but because they’re old and f***ing cool.
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Jun 5, 2013

Videography By: Sean Dougherty

Words By: David Monzingo

…And Beyond: Scott Ramos’ Infiniti G35x (Part II: film)

After a long winter, and countless hours spent tearing the car apart, and putting it all back together again, Scotty Ramos is back with one of our favorite contributing photographers, Sean Dougherty, to bring us the video portion of “…And Beyond (Part II)”. With a whole new look on this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind AWD sedan, Sean gives us a first-hand peak at what Scotty’s been up to over the past couple of months including a whole new paint job and some flawless body work in the rear quarters! Lets just say, you won’t be disappointed!

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Jun 2, 2013

Photography By: Sean Bradford

Words By: Sean Bradford, Cristian Loza

WEKFEST LA 2013 (Long Beach, CA): Part 2


Coming from Maryland, I don’t have the luxury of attending these kinds of things on a whim. It’s a very expensive planned mini vacation, but once again Weksos Industries delivered. WFLA is held at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, CA. It’s right on the water with a spectacular view the marina and downtown, not to mention some damn good landscaping too! This is why I love this event so much. It’s not just a car show; it’s an experience. The amount of new friendships and people brought together by the WekFest Tour is probably more that anyone could possibly comprehend. Don’t get me wrong – the cars are top notch and I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t my #1 reason for going, but it just never ceases to amaze me how much more WekFest brings to the table. To make a long story short, if you haven’t been to Wekfest, make sure you hit up one of their events near you. With 6 locations worldwide including Hawaii, Japan, Texas, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Its worth the drive (or flight in my case!). Enjoy the pictures!

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Jun 1, 2013

Photography By: DJ Murdok Photos

Words By: Jordan Adkins

WEKFEST LA 2013 (Long Beach, CA): Part 1


The Wekfest events are synonymous with quality builds and great vibes. Originally native to Northern California they have since branched out and have been holding Wekfest LA for a few years now. Like the previous year, skies were clear and made for a great day to come out and enjoy the event. Enjoy our massive coverage of this great event.

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May 24, 2013

Photography By: Connor Limbocker

Words By: David Monzingo

#PictureMeRollin: Taylor Benton’s Mazda3


So, most of us know the silly Mazda memes “At first I was like ____, and then I was like ____!” Well, Taylor Benton’s slammed Mazda3 is anything but silly, this car is sweet and didn’t make me smile, but it made my jaw drop. This thing is stunning, and the pictures that Connor Limbocker sent to us are nothing shy of awesome either! I can honestly say, Mazda has always been an underdog in the car scene, but when done right, they look down-right awesome! Thanks for the pictures guys!

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