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Sep 18, 2012

Photography By: Jacob Brcic

Words By: Ethan Watson

Wallpaper Wednesday : Jacob Brcic’s rigged up 2013 Nissan GTR


This week we bring you Jacob Brcic’s Rig shot of the new, 2013 Nissan GTR. It’s been sometime since we’ve done a Wallpaper Wednesday but from now on, we will start throwing em’ back at you, soon with iPhone Wallpapers!

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Sep 4, 2012

Photography By: Dave Tormey

Words By: Dave Tormey

First Class Fitment 2012: Pre-Registration Is Now Open!


We are happy to announce that pre-registration for First Class Fitment 2012 is now open on the new FirstClassFitment.com! Pre-registration will be open until 9/30/11 and ALL cars that wish to be in the designated show area must pre-register! Whether you plan on showing your car or just coming out to spectate be sure to RSVP on our Facebook event page!

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Sep 1, 2012

Photography By: Kevin Choi

Words By: Josh Wilson

The Invasion: John Kim’s Lamborghini Gallardo


From the start there has always been a fair share of nay-sayers when it came to the stance scene. Even with all of the negativity against “Stance” it has managed to change our car scene. It use to be that Honda guys would never be caught dead with a Volkswagen guy and vice-versa but because of this silly trend you see groups with all makes, models and styles. Stance has even managed to stretch outside of just JDM and Euro cars with people getting their hands on Domestics and even trucks in search of the perfect stance no matter where the manufacturer calls home. Stance now has its eyes on yet another demographic that people never thought it would reach – Exotics.

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Jul 27, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

HRE 2012 Open House Meet

Hre_Wheels_Open_House_2012_Car_Meet (1)

HRE Wheels has undoubtedly made it’s name in the aftermarket industry due to the company’s strong demand of quality and refinement. Of course the same demand of quality transitions itself to the cars that choose to run HRE Wheels. HRE recently had another Open House Meet and you can rest assure that plenty of top-notch cars and super cars came to show. Read More

Jul 24, 2012

Photography By: Marcus Cooke, John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Autocon 2012

Autocon_2012_Car_Show (1)

Those of you who have been in the car scene long enough may remember when Hot Import Nights and Nopi first had a very underground and grassroots feel to it. Many will attest to the fact that those days are gone and many car shows have tried to reproduce events of that sort of caliber, but have failed. Even HIN has tried to make a comeback in the past couple of years, but in my opinion, has not been able to recapture that raw essence of a car show. The essence I’m referring to is very simple actually, a car show (for the most part) just for the cars. Although car shows are not underground anymore, there are still quality shows out there. Nisei Showoff Car Show is one of the better quality car shows that still exists and if I were to say that a fledgling Autocon car show is comparable to a Nisei Showoff Car Show, I would quite frankly be lying. However, I can say that Autocon has been able to capture some of that raw essence that has been lost throughout the years with car shows becoming more mainstream. Read More

Jun 8, 2012

Videography By: KSP-Productions

Words By: KSP-Productions

Royal Flush X KSP-Productions X Canibeat (Video)


Last month I started an epic trip I called Project XXIV, which consisted of a road trip across the united states. Last about 24 days and stretching more then 15000 kilometers, the quest was to capture all the automotive stuff I could find. Surfing on Facebook I found the Royal Flush crew, based in California, a crew well known in the VIP/stance and fitment scene with so many crazy rides. I finally got the chance to meet a small part of the crew for a photoshoot on a Saturday night. After being kicked out of our first spot we decided to report the video the day after, with even less cars this time. Nothing was really planned for the video but it all worked out and turned out good in the end. I had some great times and I hope one day I will be able to go back there for more crazy camber action.

May 30, 2012

Photography By: Chad Lunn

Words By: Josh Wilson

Hell of an Introduction: Anthony Malesa’s Stunning Mazda MX-5

stanced MX-5

We all remember that first car that got us into the scene; that one that got us into spinning wrenches on our new baby making sure we could roll into the local meet with some pride. We spent hours sweating, scratching our heads and cussing as we worked to take that blank canvas of a chassis and turn it into something that would break necks no matter where we went. For some of us, we moved on to another project or maybe just upgraded to something that fit our specific style or taste as the rest stuck to our chassis to meet our goals.

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May 9, 2012

Photography By: Dale Martin

[Wallpaper Wednesdays]: Green With Envy


This week we bring you a wallpaper of the Jotech Motorsports Lamborghini “Verde Ithica” Green widebody GT-R, photographed by the talented Mr. Dale Martin. Jotech contracted HRE wheels to build a one off custom set of their 593RS wheels to fill the wide body arches on this GT-R, and Dale snapped this photo while shooting the car recently for HRE with Pepper Yandell. Dale is a Texas based photographer known for his amazing retouching skills, and this photo is just another example of one of his surreal edits! If you live in the Dallas, Texas area and you are interested in having your car featured here on Canibeat leave a comment below!

May 2, 2012

Photography By: William Stern

[Wallpaper Wednesdays]: Dream Cars and ADV.1 Wheels


This week I am excited to share three beautiful photos with you taken by the talented Mr. William Stern. Unless you have been living under a rock the past couple years, odds are you have found yourself admiring one of the many well executed cars sporting ADV.1’s stunning wheels. Well Will is the official photographer for ADV.1 Wheels and the man behind many of the stunning photos you see on their website, catalog, and Facebook page every day. So when he offered to share some of his photos here on Canibeat I couldn’t resist posting a few of my personal favorites in high-res for everyone to enjoy! This first car is ADV.1 wheels owner, Jordan Swerdloff’s, latest project f430 Novitec!

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Mar 16, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

LTBMW Car Meet 3/10/12


Every time there’s a LTBMW car meet, it’s pretty much a known fact that it will be big. If you are familiar with Bimmerfest then think of a LTBMW meets just as you would a mini Bimmerfest with plenty of fine BMWs. There were even cars from Norcal and Arizona that made the journey out just for the meet. This time the meet evolved a little and turned out to be similar to a car show. Mackin, HRE Wheels, KW Suspensions, Redbull, Attic clothing, and a few others came out with booths and show cars. I’ve been to every LTBMW meet and I can truly say that if you want a good taste of Socal’s BMW scene, then you should attend one and experience it for yourself. Read More