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Jun 16, 2011

HRE Wheels Open House 2011

Photography & Words by John Zhang for Canibeat.com

I was generously invited a few weeks ago to the HRE Wheels Open House event. Shooting higher end cars is a rare occurrence for me so I took it as a great opportunity to shoot some nicely modified cars. The turn out was great and the quality of cars was even better. The front, side, and back lots of HRE headquarters were filled with amazing automobile machinery including the inside of the warehouse. Talk about a turnout, I was just amazed throughout the day!

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Jun 16, 2011

Random Beat: Lamborghini Diablo Twin Turbo + Work Equips

Photo by Julian Morales

What we have here is a 1997 Lamborghini Diablo twin turbo tuned by SP Engineering that’s making 655hp. It’s sporting a fresh set of Work Equips custom built from Japan in 18×8.5 (front) and 19X13 (rear). The photoshoot setup was in house at SP Engineering using a light painting method with an AB B800 modeling light on and barebulb and vagabondII for equitment. Enjoy guys.

May 22, 2011

Toyotafest 2011 (Long Beach, CA)

Photography & Words by Noel Barnum for canibeat.com

Last week was the 16th Annual All Toyotafest held once again near the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Year after year Toyotafest has never failed to impress its car enthusiasts with not only the quantity of the cars that show up to the event, but the quality of those cars as well. One thing I did notice that was different from the last couple of years was that the amount of old school Toyotas were missing, but with the absence the xB crew sure did fill up their portion of the show. I didn’t get to shoot that much during the show since every time I wanted to take a shot someone would end up getting in the shot and I didn’t want to focus on their butt, haha. But here are the pics….ENJOY!

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May 18, 2011

Bimmerfest 2011

Photography & Words by John Zhang for Canibeat.com

For those of you who don’t know, Bimmerfest might be the world’s largest gathering of BMW’s outside of Germany. Similar to last year, I had the opportunity to attend Bimmerfest 2011 at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. I the heard attendance levels of the cars was double of last year. I doubt there were 6000 cars like some told me, but it was well past 1000 for sure. It was basically a treasure trove of BMW’s for me to shoot, so I’m just going to let the photos do the talking in this one. Be sure to check out the photo gallery after this post since it would be impossible for me post close to 300 photos up on a post. Enjoy!

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May 3, 2011

Man on a Mission: Stanced MKIII (Puerto Rico)

Photography by Luis “Andy” Ramirez / Words by Josh Wilson for Canibeat.com

Some cars will grow over the years or will have multiple looks. Others will go together in the blink of an eye.  Feast your eyes on a MKIII that was put together in just one week, that’s right ONE week. One day Hector Ramirez woke up and had the exact idea of what his MKIII had to be. He got on the horn with his friend and away they went creating a VW that keeps it simple but will also break necks rolling down the street.

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Apr 30, 2011

MFEST V “The Ultimatum” Las Vegas

Photography & Words by John Zhang for Canibeat.com

Wow, talk about non-stop coverage! Back with another one for you guys here. When the team first saw these photos, they kept asking me when I would post them so here you go. To be honest, I was going to take a quick break before this post, but I guess not. Just this past weekend I had a chance to attend MFEST once again and being that I was BMW guy, I couldn’t pass it up. I spent a whole weekend in Vegas and ended up going to the MFEST V track event where there were vendors, models, and of course BMW M’s all over. The event was pretty much similar to the year before, but with more powerful cars. Check it out!

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Apr 27, 2011

Platte Forme a.g. Grand Opening Meet

Photography & Words by John Zhang for Canibeat.com

Just barely 12 hours after my Formula Drift coverage, I was invited out to a grand opening meet hosted by Platte Forme a.g. in Alhambra southern California. Platte Forme a.g. is a new shop that features work on high end cars and other luxury cars such as BMWs. Driven by power and speed, they have a long track-oriented history. If you’re ever in the area, or on the track, feel free to check out their cars.

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Mar 28, 2011

LTBMW Re-Grand Opening Meet

Photography & Words by John Zhang for Canibeat.com

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted on here. Lately I’ve been super busy shooting events and cars like these. This weekend I attended a huge BMW meet.. by huge I mean you won’t find any bigger BMW meet minus Bimmerfest and Mfest around the Pacific coast. If you talk to any newer generation BMW enthusiast, 99% of the time, he or she will know who LTBMW is. If you don’t know, LTBMW is a BMW shop run by Long Tran in El Monte, southern California. A lot of the BMWs I shoot have gone to his shop to get work done on their cars and the end results are always amazing. This past month he moved to a larger facility a few shops down from his own location and had a surprisingly huge (over 150 cars) meet that I had the pleasure of covering.

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Mar 21, 2011

Photography By: Kevin Choi

Words By: Josh Wilson

A Prologue to Becoming a Monster: Claude Ligon’s Nissan GTR


The GTR has been nicknamed the “Godzilla” of the import world. The GTR you’re feasting your eyes on, owned by Claude, is on the path to becoming a truly amazing machine. He has already made this car look sleek but also kept close to the GTR’s bodylines that it was originally born with.

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Feb 24, 2011

Wekfest III – San Francisco, CA (2.20.11)


Photography by John Zhang, Cristian Loza, Anthony Lezada, Ignatius McCarthy, Noel Barnum exclusively for Canibeat.com

This past weekend we flew out to the west coast for Wekfest III which was held at Fort Mason Festival & Herbst Pavilions in downtown San Francisco. We got into town on Thursday night/Friday morning and had a fun filled weekend which consisted of shopping in Japan town, going on the Alcatraz island tour, hanging out with our California photographers, going to the Canibeat meet & greet, visiting Weksos Industries and N1 Concepts (coverage coming soon), eating at In & Out and just having a blast. The next thing we knew Sunday was here and it was time for the event! Thanks to our friends at Weksos we were fortunate enough to get into the venue a few hours before they opened the gates to 15,000+ people waiting patiently in line. Here is what we saw…. enjoy guys! Thanks for making us feel at home California.

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