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Apr 18, 2012

Photography By: Dave Tormey

[Wallpaper Wednesdays]: White Beauties


I don’t normally do this but I haven’t shared any of my recent work in a while, so this week I bring you two photos that I have taken recently! First is this shot of Liberty VIP member Chris Ginev’s M35 sitting on Luxury Abstract wheels at sunset.

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Apr 8, 2012

Photography By:

Words By:

Random Beat: Built To Order Acura TSX


The innovative custom wheel choices available within the industry today has seen many different implementations with cars and their owners. The choices available in finishes and styles have almost become an extension of the driver themselves, illustrating the persona that lies beneath. For Alfa Rein, this is most definitely the case!

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Mar 16, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

LTBMW Car Meet 3/10/12


Every time there’s a LTBMW car meet, it’s pretty much a known fact that it will be big. If you are familiar with Bimmerfest then think of a LTBMW meets just as you would a mini Bimmerfest with plenty of fine BMWs. There were even cars from Norcal and Arizona that made the journey out just for the meet. This time the meet evolved a little and turned out to be similar to a car show. Mackin, HRE Wheels, KW Suspensions, Redbull, Attic clothing, and a few others came out with booths and show cars. I’ve been to every LTBMW meet and I can truly say that if you want a good taste of Socal’s BMW scene, then you should attend one and experience it for yourself. Read More

Mar 14, 2012

Photography By: Arthur Leytman

[Wallpaper Wednesdays]: Liberty VIP x D2 Forged at First Class Fitment


This week we bring you a shot from our friend Arthur Leytman of Ian from Liberty VIP’s G37 at First Class Fitment 2011! Ian’s G37 is sitting pretty on a set of D2Forged Wheels and looks right at home with with the airplane in the background. Keep an eye out for more information about First Class Fitment 2012 coming soon!

Mar 4, 2012

Words By: Kenny Cano

A Look Back: Liberty VIP’s BLACK II (Video)

Last Year Canibeat videographer Kenny Cano had the pleasure of filming Black II for our good friends over at Liberty VIP. The Show was pure quality featuring some of the best heavy hitters in the east coast VIP Scene. The show was a blast like always and we cant wait for this years Black III in Englishtown, NJ on Octorber 6th. We will have more information on here as the event gets closer. Until then enjoy the video.

Feb 29, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Wekfest IV: San Francisco, CA (2.19.12) Part 3


Over the past couple of years, Wekfest has become one of the most popular car show tours in the country.  What some of you don’t know is that the first Wekfest event was held in San Francisco in a parking garage.  As the years have gone by and the show has expanded to other parts of the country, the San Francisco event has remained the largest and most anticipated event of the year!  This year was bigger and better than ever before with a variety of cars from all parts of the spectrum including, stanced cars, track-ready, domestics, and everything in between.  Nothing was left behind, which is why people from all over the world travel to California to attend this event. We had friends from the Midwest, East Coast, Canada, and even Japan fly in. I personally drove 7 hours to be at this show and by the time the show started, I was running on less than 16 hours of sleep in 3 days.  Although I was lacking in sleep, my coverage wasn’t. Read More

Feb 27, 2012

Photography By: Ignatius McCarthy

Words By: Josh Wilson

Wekfest IV: San Francisco, CA (2.19.12) Part 2

Wekfest San Francisco 2012

Quality over Quantity. A phrase that everyone has heard, everyone preaches but how often do you actually see it followed through on? The guys at Weksos, every year, work to create an event that is usually one of the year’s best shows but not because of a huge number of cars or spectators. Instead, they show us the perfect example of Quality over Quantity by hand-picking their field of cars.

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Feb 25, 2012

Photography By: ShootJoeC

Words By: Joe C

Wekfest IV: San Francisco, CA (2.19.12) Part 1

Wekfest San Francisco

Here is the beginning of what everyone has been waiting for, part one of our Wekfest IV San Francisco coverage! We lucked out with a beautiful San Francisco day, with mid sixties weather and a nice breeze coming off of the bay. As always, the line was reaching far into the distance as fans and spectators lined up as early as 1am the night before just to get a glimpse of the incredible lineup of cars spanning the floor of two enormous buildings at Fort Mason. Five days prior to the show the Canibeat crew rolled out from the east coast to do some scoping out of the scene and to make some visits to a few of the big names in the game to film some interviews for the soon to be released Canibeat TV and we had a blast! Hopefully you enjoy the photos of our trip & part one of Wekfest IV coverage, don’t forget to stay tuned for even more coverage!

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Jan 25, 2012

Videography By: Luke Huxham

Words By: Luke Huxham

VIDEO: Tokyo Auto Salon Presented by:

“The automotive scene makes homes to many differently styles of tuning culture. Be it race cars, VIP cars, drift cars or off the wall exotics. But one thing that bring all these styles together is their shared love for cars.

Now days people spend too much time talking about why they’re cool and why you’re not. The Tokyo Auto Salon brings every style together under one roof and shares it with the world. Surely we can all appreciate each others cars more than once a year, can’t we?”

Jan 11, 2012

Photography By: Andrew Link

[Wallpaper Wednesdays]: Two of Liberty VIP’s Finest! By Andrew Link


In keeping up with our newfound tradition of Wallpaper Wednesdays we bring you a series of high-res wallpapers of two of the hottest VIP rides in the states, our friends Ty and Will’s GS & SC from Liberty VIP. These photos were taken by RIDES Magazine photographer Andrew Link for their 2011 SEMA edition so in case you missed that issue we wanted to provide you with some fresh wallpapers.  If you want to see more of Andrew’s work be sure to checkout his Flickr and follow him on Facebook!

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