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Oct 30, 2014

Photography By: Garrett Church

Words By: Josh Wilson

Misfit Delivery – Deron Nicholson’s Laid Out ’59 Metro


Normally when you think of a delivery truck, you think of a big brown UPS truck with the driver hopping out and running to the door like he’s carrying a box of condoms and his girl just texted him that her parents aren’t home. Deron “Sugar” Nicholson’s ’59 International Harvester Metro is far from your everyday UPS truck but it still may require that box of condoms to handle the pure sex appeal that his laid out Metro displays in full spades.

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Apr 12, 2014

Photography By: Lunchbox PhotoWorks

Words By: Josh Wilson

High School Sweethearts: Jim Spear’s Beautiful ’56 Ford F100


Finding that model that you become entranced with is a lot like finding your first love; the obsessing, the heavy-petting, and the heartache when you’re apart. For some they take years to find their true love while others are lucky enough to find their automotive match in their early years. Jim Spear found himself in high school when he found his, a ’56 Ford F100, and the clean lines and voluptuous fenders left him pining for one of his own.

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Aug 20, 2013

Photography By: David Monzingo

Words By: David Monzingo

American Le Mans Series at Road America 2013 (Elkhart Lake, WI)


Elkhart Lake, WI. Rooted deeply in its historical presence in motorsport history, this small town about an hour north of Milwaukee becomes a haven of automotive buzz throughout the summer months. In the early 1950’s, Elkhart Lake was home to arguably one of the most famous open road race circuits in the United States. In 1955, Road America opened its gates, and since has hosted a wide variety of events including the Nascar Nationwide Tour, the SCCA Speed World Challenge Series and the AMA Superbike Series. Road America has been dubbed by many, one of the best road race circuits, and has been home to many memorable race weekends, for both fans and drivers alike.

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Jun 1, 2013

Photography By: Andy Carter

Words By: Andy Carter

The American Dream: Andrew’s Corvette Grand Sport


There are few things more iconic to the American aesthetic than the Chevrolet Corvette. Debuted exactly sixty years ago at the GM Motorama auto show, the roadster has held our collective attention for over half a century. Considering the massive amounts of cultural change we’ve seen since the early 50’s, the Corvette serves not only as the poster child for the American automotive obsession, but as a stalwart symbol of consistency. The Corvette has always been a RWD roadster with naturally-aspirated V8 power, and although there have been numerous one-off creations by various tuners that have explored various other configurations, the formula remains the same as the 7th generation model is released onto American roads this year.

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May 17, 2013

Photography By: Bryce Neusse

Words By: David Monzingo

#PictureMeRollin: Ryan Mccrery’s ’52 Chevy


There’s just something about seeing a classic rolling down the street that makes everyone stare. It’s like watching a piece of history flash before your eyes. Ryan Mccrery’s ’52 Chevy is no exception, this car is absolutely stunning, not to mention the 600hp motor lurking under the hood! These pictures were graciously submitted by Bryce Neusse of Burnout Media Labs, be sure to go check out his work! Thanks for the pictures guys!

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Mar 29, 2013

Photography By: Ejay Marte

Words By: David Monzingo

#PictureMeRollin: Sleek Corvette Z06


We here at Canibeat hope your week rolled by just as quick as ours did. Before we let you off into the weekend, another submission from photographer Ejay Marte displays a sleek Corvette z06 on carbon fiber Strasse s5 wheels. Oh, did I mention this black beauty has over 700 horsepower under the hood?

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Feb 1, 2013

Photography By: Alex Martinez

Words By: David Monzingo

#PictureMeRollin: Andy’s 1930 Ford Model A


As always, we like to mix things up a little bit and provide our loyal followers with something fresh and exciting to look at or read about. In this week’s installment of #PictureMeRollin we bring to you a couple photos from Alex Martinez, a photographer out of Colorado who shot this beautiful 1930 Ford Model A, owned by Andy Crutcher.

We hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do! Enjoy your weekend!

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Oct 1, 2012

Photography By: Tim Acang

Words By: Andy Carter

Refocused: Mitchell Donat’s Competition Orange SVT


My experience in the automotive community has taught me, if nothing else, that taste is both completely subjective and often deeply rooted in an owner’s psyche. Each of has our own favorite brand, and an idea of what are acceptable modifications within the confines of what we deem appropriate.  While there are certainly those that jump ship on occasion, forsaking their last love for new opportunities in power or style, most people know what they love, and love what they know.  And in that mindset, Mitchell Donat knew that when he purchased his car, he wanted to go the JDM route, and to build a car for speed.  Obviously, things didn’t quite work out that way. Read More

Sep 4, 2012

Photography By: Dave Tormey

Words By: Dave Tormey

First Class Fitment 2012: Pre-Registration Is Now Open!


We are happy to announce that pre-registration for First Class Fitment 2012 is now open on the new FirstClassFitment.com! Pre-registration will be open until 9/30/11 and ALL cars that wish to be in the designated show area must pre-register! Whether you plan on showing your car or just coming out to spectate be sure to RSVP on our Facebook event page!

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Aug 15, 2012

Photography By: Johnny Buzoiu

Words By: Josh Wilson

Guns Blazing: Joe Lisojo’s Badass Model A

Ford Model A

As a kid everything in life is always “bigger is better”. Our toys had flashy colors and lights and at car shows it was more of what caught our eye rather than the quality or rarity of the car itself. As we grow older though our tastes change and we start to notice the small things. Custom fabbed pieces, perfectly lined up trim, and small details that set a car above the rest due to the quality of the build not because it looks like a Fast and Furious prop car.

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