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Anthony Lezada

Mar 19, 2013

Photography By: Anthony Lezada

Words By: Andy Carter

Inspired: John Gamboa’s Insane S2000


One of the goals of Canibeat has always been to inspire those in this community in their automotive aspirations. We hope that by showcasing various cars from around the world on the site, our reader’s aspirations for their own cars will grow, and that their appreciation and understanding for various styles will be enriched. John Gamboa has been a reader of the site for many years and can trace his eventual ownership of this car through various posts over the years. Read More

Dec 26, 2012

Photography By: Canibeat Crew

Wallpaper Wednesday : Holiday Edition!


This week is a bit different than most. We brought together a collection of both recent and favorite shots from our staff photographers to share with you as wallpapers!  So without further adieu here is the roll call collection!
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Apr 3, 2012

Photography By: Anthony Lezada

Words By: JC Vallido

The Game Changer: Jon Jon’s 2010 Teal Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track

Hyundai Genesis

Back in 2007, a Korean car manufacturer wanted something new that would revolutionize the U.S. auto industry and prove that it’s just not another cheap dull car. The car started off as a new sedan concept that would appeal to the luxury and performance masses. Not many were entranced by the concept especially the thought of laying the success in the hands of a Korean automotive underdog called Hyundai. The introduction of the concept called the Genesis sedan did spark new light to the Korean auto maker and though many still have doubts, the car continues to show strong interests. But the Genesis sedan model journey was just a start. Hyundai showed potential of what the car is capable of producing and more excitement came after when they announced of the coupe version 2 years after in 2009. And in present time, this is when we knew that the Genesis changed the game in the automotive world.

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Jul 28, 2011

Photography By: Anthony Lezada

Random Beat: Tiffany’s Box

Tiffany Box: Scion xB

Now this is our idea of a Tiffany’s box!  Canibeat Exclusive photographer Anthony Lezada has been working a lot on his light painting lately and this has to be one of our favorite shots so far!

Jul 27, 2011

Photography By: Anthony Lezada

Words By: JC Vallido

Total Lust: Adrian Stone’s Slammed & Static Acura TL

Total Lust: Adrian Stone's Slammed & Static Acura TL

Some of you may recognize this car from a few months back and said “hey that’s the same white TL showcased at Wekfest in San Francisco!” If you just had that short burst of déjà vu then you’re absolutely right, the featured car made it’s official debut at Wekfest SF and is now exclusively appearing here on Canibeat. Check out Adrian Stone’s Acura TL. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t drool over this TL?

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Feb 8, 2011

Photography By: Anthony Lezada

Words By: JC Vallido

Hard Work, Paid Off

calvins 370 cover

We all know that quickness can be instilled into any automobile. It can come from a twin turbo motor, all motor, tight suspension, and a massive dose of sway bar stiffness. But what’s good of a car if it doesn’t have the right specs and engineering? Exposed in it’s O.E.M. Pearl White paint and sporting all that JDM love, this 370Z flaunts and taunts it’s engineering marvel like it’s the ‘ish!!!

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Jan 20, 2011

Random Beat: John Nguyen’s Lexus GS400

Photography by Anthony Lezada

Canibeat photographer, Anthony Lezada sent us this nice shot of John’s 98 Lexus GS400, owner of AUTOSPORT209.  Air controlled suspension by UAS and a set of 19” Auto Supreme Couture wheels really sets off this big body luxury mobile. I’m not going to lie; it’s definitely a very clean Lexus.

More shot’s will be available soon! Check out Anthony’s Flickr for more awesome photo’s of the meet’s and car’s he covers in Northern California!

Dec 7, 2010

Nico’s Fitted 7th Gen.

Photography  & Words by Anthony Lezada / Edited by JC Vallido

It’s not very often you see a 7th generation Toyota Celica strive for top perfection and Nico’s Celica truly shows just that. The journey of this Celica started slow with hours of  internet researching just like any car enthusiasts would have done it. Before taking the plunge for a set of wheels, the car started off simple with painted OEM wheels and a drop using Tein S-Tech lowering springs. Nico is one of my close friends that always knows what was hot in the scene and in particular, we started to notice the stance scene heating up.

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Oct 14, 2010

Photography By: Anthony Lezada, Noel Barnum, Marcus Cook

Words By: Marcus Cooke

Fatlace presents One of One: Irwindale, CA


When the One of One Showcase came to Long Beach earlier this year I was bummed that I couldn’t make the show when it was in my own backyard (Long Beach, CA) because of a conflict. I was pumped to be able to attend the last One of One of the year in Irwindale this past Saturday. 100 of L.A.’s finest stanced/flush rides were in attendance.

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May 13, 2010

Raymund Chua’s “DOPE-tastic” Estoril M3

Photography by: Anthony Lezada for Canibeat.com

As with many buildup’s, Ray’s first modifications for his 98 M3 went into suspension and wheels. FK Silverline Coilovers are used on all four corners, dropping the E-36 chassis over 2 inches in the front and nearly 1.5 inches in the rear. As for wheels, Ray decided to go with OZ Mitos in specs 18×8.5 with offsets of +13 all around giving it that aggressive look.

There really isn’t much anyone would need to do to the exterior, as the E36 chassis is known for its bold, yet sleek lines. With that said, the factory kit the M3 series came with is all it really needs in my opinion, but really liked how Ray fitted an ACS carbon front lip while it still gives that OEM look.

Thanks to Raymund and Anthony!