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May 5, 2014

Photography By: Josh Davis, Madeville Powell

Words By: Josh Davis, James Baxter

Springfest 5 (Virginia Beach, VA): Official Coverage


To wrap up the month of April and kick off the new season on the East Coast Team Summospeed presented the fifth annual Springfest, hosted at a brand new location that really set the tone compared to previous years. This year Springfest laid claim to the Virginia Beach Convention center, which allowed the event to be broken up into an inside and outside portion. The weather that hit Virginia and the surrounding states the night before the show left minor concerns on how it would affect the attendance of participants. Thankfully everyone woke up to a cloudless sky on show day and Springfest 5 ended up being more than proper, providing a DJ, food, an on-site mobile dyno, vendors, and a diverse showcase of cars.

Needless to say Springfest was a great time prior to this year, but now with the new location the event has definitely become the show to attend if you want to start the season off the right way.
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Apr 12, 2014

Photography By: Lunchbox PhotoWorks

Words By: Josh Wilson

High School Sweethearts: Jim Spear’s Beautiful ’56 Ford F100


Finding that model that you become entranced with is a lot like finding your first love; the obsessing, the heavy-petting, and the heartache when you’re apart. For some they take years to find their true love while others are lucky enough to find their automotive match in their early years. Jim Spear found himself in high school when he found his, a ’56 Ford F100, and the clean lines and voluptuous fenders left him pining for one of his own.

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Mar 16, 2014

Photography By: Martin Slotta

Words By: David Monzingo

Verändern: Christian Quatz’s German Opel Rat Rod


The rat rod scene has always seemed somewhat elusive. The owners stick to themselves for the most part, while still maintaining a sort of “core” that know each other and the cars that they spend their weekends wrenching on. From the outside looking in these gear heads seem to have quite the niche, but the rat rod scene is far broader than I had previously thought. Christian Quatz and his Opel rat rod out of Germany are proof that this scene is alive and well even outside of the United States.

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Dec 19, 2013

Photography By: Matt Makarucha, Robert Krueger

Words By: Matt Makarucha, Josh Wilson, Robert Krueger, Josh Davis

A Look Back: SEMA Show 2013 (Las Vegas, Nevada)


Once a year members of the automotive industry from all over the world flock to Sin City for a week of business mixed with pleasure. While the sun is up they take to the Las Vegas Convention Center where there’s approximately 52 miles of everything imaginable, isle after isle. Once the sun goes down it’s time for parties and drinks with friends you’ve made over the years. Whether you are buying, selling, or a part of the media SEMA is definitely a breeding ground for innovation, and a preview of what is next for the after market industry and its enthusiasts.

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May 29, 2013

Videography By: Josh Gilmore, Ty Cobb

Words By: Ty Cobb

Water by the Bridge 2013 (Louisville, KY): Official Video

After being started as a small shop get together in 2005 by Grossman Tuning, Water by the Bridge 2009 marked the progress of the event as a whole. Wanting the show to be a place for Euro enthusiasts of all types, Grossman started to set up the show. After getting approval for one of the sickest places around, Water by the Bridge was set to be held at the gorgeous Waterfront Park in Louisville, Ky. Each year, more people came. In 2012, about 200-250 cars showed up, but that’s nothing close to what 2013 had to offer. Apparently word had gotten out; Water by the Bridge was the place to be in 2013.

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Apr 1, 2013

Photography By: David Monzingo

Words By: Danny Rice

Water by the Bridge 2013 (Louisville, KY)


Every year, there’s a mad scramble to get your car done before the first show of the year. Sure, you had MONTHS to prepare but it always seems like the week before the show, you are scrambling around, calling parts stores, turning wrenches for hours, freaking out over tracking numbers and generally stressing out about getting your car finalized. All winter you’ve been stockpiling parts for forced induction, calculating offsets, scouring the forums, getting things painted and dreaming of the reveal for the world to see. Whether your plans are secret or you’ve had everyone AND their mom over to help you, nothing compares to rolling that car out of the garage completed and giving it one final wash before you put your hard work (and blown paychecks) on display.

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Feb 1, 2013

Photography By: Alex Martinez

Words By: David Monzingo

#PictureMeRollin: Andy’s 1930 Ford Model A


As always, we like to mix things up a little bit and provide our loyal followers with something fresh and exciting to look at or read about. In this week’s installment of #PictureMeRollin we bring to you a couple photos from Alex Martinez, a photographer out of Colorado who shot this beautiful 1930 Ford Model A, owned by Andy Crutcher.

We hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do! Enjoy your weekend!

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Dec 2, 2012

Photography By: Matt Makarucha

Words By: Matt Makarucha, Jess Kang

A Look Back At: SEMA Show 2012 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

SEMA 2012 coverage (1)

Every year, the show season for automotive culture takes place from early spring and well into the summer, with eager enthusiasts and professionals alike prepared to showcase their time, money and effort. As the leaves changes colors and the season come to an end, there is one show that truly marks the closure of another year: the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, also simply known as the SEMA Show.

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Oct 1, 2012

Photography By: Tim Acang

Words By: Andy Carter

Refocused: Mitchell Donat’s Competition Orange SVT


My experience in the automotive community has taught me, if nothing else, that taste is both completely subjective and often deeply rooted in an owner’s psyche. Each of has our own favorite brand, and an idea of what are acceptable modifications within the confines of what we deem appropriate.  While there are certainly those that jump ship on occasion, forsaking their last love for new opportunities in power or style, most people know what they love, and love what they know.  And in that mindset, Mitchell Donat knew that when he purchased his car, he wanted to go the JDM route, and to build a car for speed.  Obviously, things didn’t quite work out that way. Read More

Aug 15, 2012

Photography By: Johnny Buzoiu

Words By: Josh Wilson

Guns Blazing: Joe Lisojo’s Badass Model A

Ford Model A

As a kid everything in life is always “bigger is better”. Our toys had flashy colors and lights and at car shows it was more of what caught our eye rather than the quality or rarity of the car itself. As we grow older though our tastes change and we start to notice the small things. Custom fabbed pieces, perfectly lined up trim, and small details that set a car above the rest due to the quality of the build not because it looks like a Fast and Furious prop car.

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