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Nov 13, 2013

Photography By: Chris Sempek

Words By: Chris Sempek

Wallpaper Wednesday : Devin Larson’s Audi S4


Today’s wallpaper Wednesday looks back at H2Oi and the infamous static Hoodrich S4 belonging to Devin Larson. H2Oi was a great way for photographers and car owners to meet up that other wise would be a few states apart.
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Oct 5, 2012

Videography By: Jared Houston

Words By: Jared Houston

H2O International 2012 Coverage [Video]

After missing many of the previous H2Oi weekends in Ocean City, Maryland, I finally got my act together and ventured out with some close friends to experience the event. Upon arriving, we witnessed the madness already beginning. Ocean City quickly became a giant party in every direction. The whole weekend filled the streets with Volkswagens and many other fitted cars. Parking lots turned into huge meets and sidewalks became front row seats to the streets’ craziness.

After getting settled in, cruising around with everyone, and finding food at my new favorite restaurant, Big Pecker’s, night came, and we were quickly drenched in Ocean City’s infamous rain. However, It passed overnight and cleared up just in time allowing for a beautiful Sunday show at the campground. I’ve learned that H2O is a huge event. Cars are literally everywhere, but that’s why it is such a great event. This will be a memorable experience that goes beyond that of a typical car show. I got to see some familiar faces and also meet many new friends. H2O weekend is something I’m already looking forward to next year.

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Sep 24, 2012

Klutch Republik & Canibeat: “The Pre-Game” (Friday September 28th)

canibeat h20 meet

This Friday at Hooper’s Crab House (Ocean City, MD) Klutch Republik & Canibeat proudly present “The Pre-Game”. This will be our official H20i 2012 Pre-Meet which starts at 5:30PM.

Let’s start H2oi 2012 off the right way. See you guys there!

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Mar 13, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Unternaher

Words By: Danny Rice

Drew Dorbritz’s Eos: ConVERTing The Masses

bagged Eos

Let’s be honest: we’ve all referred to convertibles as a “girl’s car” at some point in our lives. Before Miatas were hammered and stanced or before Cabriolets were aired out on RS’s, convertibles were definitely not an enthusiasts car of choice. Sure, there have been a lot of good looking ‘verts over the years (Tyrese’s Eclipse from “2 Fast 2 Furious doesn’t come to mind) but it’s been a while since one has really captured the hearts and attention of the public. Drew Dorbritz, a true and longterm enthusiast himself, decided to take a platform that had been written off and make it a neck breaker… AND HE DID.

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Feb 13, 2012

Photography By: Bobby Aycoth

Words By: Danny Rice

Pumped Up Kicks: The Difference Wheels Make…


Wheels. Rims. Rollers. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are the difference. Wheels make or break a car and you can’t deny it. Are they everything? No, but they sure are the icing on the cake. It’s actually amazing how literally just a set of wheels can change the ENTIRE look and feel of a car. From zero to hero, wheels are a large part of the complicated equation for a classy, unique car.

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Jan 18, 2012

Photography By: Brendan Lester, Cristian Loza

Words By: Danny Rice

Know Your Roots: Matthew Waln’s VIP’d E38


We all had a starting point; a reason for getting into the scene. For many, it started at a young age with a passion for cars having been passed down from a father or grandpa who tinkered around in the garage or took them to car shows. A larger percentage found their roots through friends who had “sick” cars when they were in high school or college (depending on your age, it could’ve been the body-kit/underglow inspiring “Fast and Furious” Era) and wanted to turn their vehicle into an extension of themselves and their style, not just something to get you from A to B. For as many of us who have wandered from the first scene we became a part of (Euro, JDM, Domestic, etc), there are just as many who have stuck with the same make for years. Matt Waln is one of those who stayed true to his roots: BMW. The car you see before you as the subject of our feature is actually his fourth Bavarian creation, so he knows them like the back of his hand.

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Nov 19, 2011

Photography By: Jordan Unternaher

Words By: Danny Rice

Rich Fogarty’s Smooth Mk5 GTI: Clean Shaven


Dropping a car on nice wheels seems to be enough to get you noticed these days. We’ve become a scene geared towards the aesthetic and as a result, wheels and suspension are usually determined in the owner’s mind many times before they sell their current setup or even buy a car to put the new shoes on. Usually, when you choose a direction for your car, it’s usually form or function in the short run with a long-term goal of both because having a beauty with some beast in the bonnet is always optimal. Many people, however, choose to go mostly in one direction (with some definite attention to the other, though not as much) and carry it to its fullest capacity which is exactly what Rich has done with his sexy, silver sleigh…

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Oct 30, 2011

Photography By: Jordan Unternaher

Words By: Danny Rice

Zimmy’s Deceptively Clean Mk6: Screaming Subtle


It’s not about flash. It’s not about extravagant. It’s not about extreme. Sure, those attributes have their place and command attention but what about a clean car with an on-point stance, quality wheels and some thoughtful touches both inside and out? It’s a tried and true look that can turn just as many heads and drop just as many jaws. The things that impress the most are often the ones that aren’t readily noticed and that’s exactly how Mike planned out his Mk6: class and elegance that will keep you guessing…

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Oct 18, 2011

Photography By: Matt Nugent

Words By: Matt Nugent

H20i 2011 Coverage: You Have to Go Next Year! (Part 4)

h20i 2011 coverage

Even with rain forecasted for the last weekend of September, the excitement of many VW and Audi owners was not dampened. The light rain and grey skies all weekend didn’t hold many back from cruising Coastal Highway and spending time in the Convention Center parking lot talking and hanging out. H2O International is one of those events that is unlike any other around; it is not focused around the main show on Sunday but events and meets going on throughout the whole weekend up and down Coastal Highway. What started as an event for VW’s and Audi’s has quickly seen the rise of other cars including everything from clean, stanced BMW’s to a bagged Subaru and even a few fitted Hondas. The variety of cars seems to be getting larger each year and this year definitely saw the largest attendance in non-VAG cars to date. The show on Sunday, even at a new location which was smaller than the old location at Ocean Downs, saw no decline in the quality of cars from years past. While strolling through the club parking and vendor area, there was always something see.  Even with the less than ideal weather, I still look forward to this show every year and cannot wait to see the cars people have been waiting to reveal in Ocean City. If you did not attend H2O International this year, you definitely missed out.  All I have to say is… YOU HAVE TO GO NEXT YEAR!

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Oct 12, 2011

Photography By: Rodolfo Lamaestra

Words By: Danny Rice

H20i 2011 Coverage: The Show Goes On (Part 3)

h20i 2011

It’s sometimes forgotten, amidst all the craziness that happens up and down The Strip in Ocean City from sunrise to sunset, that the weekend culminates in one main event: H2O International, the show.  Sure, we show up for the multitudes of mini-meets, burnouts, red light challenges and general tom-foolery (yea, I said it) that happens during the weekend but we still look forward to Sunday, when all of the cars we saw cruising or haven’t seen yet in person are gathered in one spot. It’s a time where new trends (both good and bad) and modifications that border on inconceivable are on full display as fellow enthusiasts park together, pop their hoods, polish their wheels and quick detail their paint to show off all their hard work or ongoing projects. The new venue this year, although smaller and tighter than Ocean Downs, proved to be an intimate atmosphere with an easy flow around the main circle where the sponsors and vendors brought the fire with new products and tempting merchandise. All in all, the show was a great way to finish the weekend: all together as one big family, surrounded by the cars we love…

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