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“You know… if you tell someone to ‘light ‘em up,’ and they actually do it, you get in just as much trouble as the person committing the act,” a cop politely explained to me as I sat on a curb, waiting for his fellow camber cops to quit hassling my buddy about his BRZ. The …

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When it comes to limited production or classic cars some, which quickly get labeled as “purists”, have ideals of just who should be lucky enough to be the next owner of their pride and joy. They judge every word and action that the potential buyer produces and more critically then a hiring manager for a …

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H2Oi is so much more than a car show and over the years, it has developed more and more facets and dimensions to where it’s hardly even a show anymore; it’s THE social event of the year. Trends are both made and broken in Ocean City. Like a runway at a Paris Fashion Show, Coastal …

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I know I’m not alone when I share the belief that cars have brought strangers together and turned them into the best of friends. There’s just something about sharing a passion and lifestyle with people that truly understand. As a community, we dive into this lifestyle and we build so much anticipation to get even …

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The level of H2O hype continues to shatter all previous years as each new September rolls around. Along with that hype, comes preparation. All of you who frequent Instagram have witnessed the phenomenon of “#h20prep”. If you were curious enough to search that hash tag in the weeks counting down to h2o this year, you …

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If you thought Christmas was “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, someone lied to you; they’ve never been to Ocean City, Maryland during the last weekend of September. H2Oi has all the ingredients to make the perfect weekend: an amazing venue with a beach, a strip to cruise, large parking lots to congregate, and …

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After missing many of the previous H2Oi weekends in Ocean City, Maryland, I finally got my act together and ventured out with some close friends to experience the event. Upon arriving, we witnessed the madness already beginning. Ocean City quickly became a giant party in every direction. The whole weekend filled the streets with Volkswagens …

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Water By The Bridge 2012

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Every year in late March, Grossman Tuning hosts a show marking the beginning of show season on the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. What began as a small meet held at their shop in years past has become one of the fastest growing and most anticipated shows in the Midwest.

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bagged Eos

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Let’s be honest: we’ve all referred to convertibles as a “girl’s car” at some point in our lives. Before Miatas were hammered and stanced or before Cabriolets were aired out on RS’s, convertibles were definitely not an enthusiasts car of choice. Sure, there have been a lot of good looking ‘verts over the years (Tyrese’s …

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Video by Kenny Cano for Canibeat.com 2010 was my first H2o meet and I must say the experience was just amazing and I looking forward to this year’s! This video show’s Kenny Cano’s perspective of last year’s H2o International gathering. I personally loved how Kenny showed almost every single car there, leaving none out.  Can …

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