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May 6, 2013

Photography By: Jordan Adkins

Words By: Jordan Adkins

A Look Back: 2013 LTMW Meet (El Monte, CA)


Since 2010 LTMW (formerly LTBMW) has been hosting annual meets at their shop. My first experience with their meet was last year where I arrived very late. Majority of the cars were gone but the ones that remained were of high quality. It was then that I knew I had to make it on time to the next one. When I arrived to LTMW I was glad I didn’t miss it. This meet had not only surpassed my expectations with the cars that attended but also surprised me with the variety as well.

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Feb 26, 2013

Photography By: Kevin Chow

Words By: Jess Kang

Hopes and Dreams: Henry Lin’s 2008 Lexus IS250 (Part 1)


There are moments in our lives where we find ourselves trapped in a haze, dreaming of a goal that seems so far out of reach. And when you open your eyes, you realize that you couldn’t be any further from the vision you so desperately want in front of you. Henry Lin grew up in a small town in Burma country in South Asia, geographically located next to Thailand. With its harsh weathers and equally rough roads, trucks and SUVs ruled the course, and often the trails as you might find them to be. Coming from an area where cars were the last commodity, it wasn’t until Henry moved to San Francisco, California where he knew he would have a shot at engaging the automotive culture.

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Dec 2, 2012

Photography By: Matt Makarucha

Words By: Matt Makarucha, Jess Kang

A Look Back At: SEMA Show 2012 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

SEMA 2012 coverage (1)

Every year, the show season for automotive culture takes place from early spring and well into the summer, with eager enthusiasts and professionals alike prepared to showcase their time, money and effort. As the leaves changes colors and the season come to an end, there is one show that truly marks the closure of another year: the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, also simply known as the SEMA Show.

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Aug 4, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: Ying and Yang


Here’s a shoot I did a while back featuring the first two Benz I have ever shot. Both of them belong to the same owner who couldn’t decide which Benz or color he liked better. So he bought both. And to top them both off he got HRE wheels for them at almost the same ride heights. No matter which car he chose, it would always be the right choice for him. Must be nice! Read More

Jul 27, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

HRE 2012 Open House Meet

Hre_Wheels_Open_House_2012_Car_Meet (1)

HRE Wheels has undoubtedly made it’s name in the aftermarket industry due to the company’s strong demand of quality and refinement. Of course the same demand of quality transitions itself to the cars that choose to run HRE Wheels. HRE recently had another Open House Meet and you can rest assure that plenty of top-notch cars and super cars came to show. Read More

Jun 30, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: BMW 1M Nightfall

bmw-1m-hre-wheels (2)

Here are a coupe photos from a recent shot I did at night in down town, which isn’t the friendliest place after dark. BMW 1M’s don’t come in red so the owner of this car had his car wrapped. Aside from all the carbon fiber, the HRE wheels are off of a M3 coupe which means crazy offset for such a small car. Read More

Jun 15, 2012

Photography By: Armanda Zukic

Words By: Andy Carter

A Second Chance: Vihn Le’s Supercharged Pontiac Firebird


One of the most enjoyable aspects of my trips to Road Atlanta is the opportunity to see other enthusiasts’ cars that otherwise would never fall into my circle of interest.  There is almost always some vintage European car to discover, adorned with decals or medallions of historical significance, or a luxury SUV that has broken free of its usual suburban entrapment, having been outfitted with huge mud tires, a wench, and snorkel (and there’s almost nothing cooler than an off-the-lot GX460 with a snorkel, I assure you). The reminder that the automotive scene is so much larger than yourself, and what your friends think is important is both humbling and refreshing.  And so, when I caught a glance of Vinh Le’s Firebird driving past the stands to find a parking spot amongst the sea of Nissans and RWD Toyotas, I knew I had an opportunity for a great story. Read More

May 19, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: 2012 BMW 3-Series F30


Since Bimmerfest is going on today we thought it would be nice to release some BMW related features. If you haven’t read our latest feature on Robert Langelier’s E30, then you should. I also wanted to share with you all my current project that my girlfriend and I are building together. It’s a new BMW 328i thats inline 4 and turbocharged. It’s a more practical car, but that’s not stoping us from modifying it. More will come when the car has a lot more things done to it. Until then enjoy. Read More

May 9, 2012

Photography By: Dale Martin

[Wallpaper Wednesdays]: Green With Envy


This week we bring you a wallpaper of the Jotech Motorsports Lamborghini “Verde Ithica” Green widebody GT-R, photographed by the talented Mr. Dale Martin. Jotech contracted HRE wheels to build a one off custom set of their 593RS wheels to fill the wide body arches on this GT-R, and Dale snapped this photo while shooting the car recently for HRE with Pepper Yandell. Dale is a Texas based photographer known for his amazing retouching skills, and this photo is just another example of one of his surreal edits! If you live in the Dallas, Texas area and you are interested in having your car featured here on Canibeat leave a comment below!

Mar 10, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Daily Dosage: David’s BMW 3-Series


If you’ve been to San Francisco then you’d know that it’s not exactly a city that is lowered car friendly. I know that I personally would never drive my own car up there. However, David decided to go against the norm and lower his BMW 325i and not long after that first drop, he completely changed the look of his stock BMW all together. This is David’s daily driven BMW. Read More