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Sep 5, 2012

Photography By: Jordan Donnelly

Words By: Andy Carter

Visual Perfection: Vertex Ridge S15 Silvia


It can be said that all design is rooted in the struggle of form and function.  Each decision that a creator makes is a tug in one direction or the other. But good design never lies on linear scale.  That is, success isn’t found in the ability to defeat one side or the other.  Form at the expense of function is useless, an object d’art that can be discarded annually as the prevailing trends change.  Function without the consideration of form, however, is nothing more than a tool or applicance.  Good design, rather, is weaving these elements together in concert with one another, allowing each decision, regardless of purpose, to support one another.  American architect Louis Sullivan writes, “Ornament and structure were integral; their subtle rhythm sustained a high emotional tension, yet produced a sense of serenity. But the building’s identity resided in the ornament. It was the spirit animating the mass and flowing from it, and it expressed the individuality of the building.”  Form, therefore, becomes the eyes through which we are drawn into the function of the end result.

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Apr 8, 2012

Photography By: THE-LOWDOWN.com

Words By: THE-LOWDOWN.com

Random Beat: Built To Order Acura TSX


The innovative custom wheel choices available within the industry today has seen many different implementations with cars and their owners. The choices available in finishes and styles have almost become an extension of the driver themselves, illustrating the persona that lies beneath. For Alfa Rein, this is most definitely the case!

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Dec 24, 2011

Photography By: THE-LOWDOWN.COM

Words By: Jason Hanif

Old Versus New: Random Beat Desktop Wallpaper


Believe it or not, in Sydney it’s still quite rare to come across street cars which run air suspension setups, but all that’s about to change.

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Aug 16, 2011

Photography By: THE-LOWDOWN.com

Words By: Cristian Loza

Slammed Mazda MX-5: Random Beat Desktop Wallpaper

slammed mx-5

A few weeks ago our friends from Australia over at THE-LOWDOWN.com caught up with their friend Chook to check out his Mazda MX-5 that he has been modifying for quite some time now. This thing is slammed, static, daily driven and rocking a fresh set of Work Equip 03 wheels (15×8 -3). What a killer combo! A full respray for this beauty is on Chooks to do list next. This will not be the last time you see this thing on our site.

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Jul 26, 2011

Photography By: MJ Digital , THE-LOWDOWN.com

Words By: Dave Tormey

Built Like a Brick House: Sydney’s Widebody WRX

Side view of a Flush sitting WRX on AME tracer

There’s the people you meet once and you’ll never forget, and there’s the people you might see every day and never know.  The same can be said about cars.   I like to think that every car has a presence, a personality so to speak, however lack luster or intriguing they might be, it exists.  Out of the hundreds of thousands of cars out there only a few have that intangible character, that demeanor, THAT form that leaves a lasting impression in our memory.

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Jul 19, 2011

Photography By: Jordan Donnelly

Words By: Ryan Lewis

Canibeat x JDMyard Meet (Sydney, Australia)


It’s the middle of winter right now in Australia, but that will never stop enthusiasts from getting together. Canibeat affiliate photographer Jordan Donnelly has returned home from his quick tour of the land down under, and these shots came from a weekend meet in his last few days in Sydney. Local parts supplier, JDM Yard, hosted the event with a little help from JDM Style Tuning and THE-LOWDOWN.com. Despite the cold temperature and bitter wind, the sun was shining and a huge crowd of quality cars turned up.

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Jul 12, 2011

Photography By: THE-LOWDOWN.com

Random Beat: Vertex Ridge S15 (Preview)


Check out this super clean Vertex Ridge S15 taken by our friends over at THE-LOWDOWN.com. You can expect a full feature by Jordan Donnelly of this beauty right here very soon. Until then enjoy this shot!