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Aug 26, 2014

Photography By: Incognito Media

Words By: Mike Meszaros

JDM Passion: Ping’s 1993 Nissan 240sx


When it comes to cars we all have our favorites. For some of us we knew right away where our loyalty was, and for Ping that started when he was a kid growing up in Thailand. “All my cousins had JDM cars, so I knew that’s what I wanted,” Ping explained. The day he turned 16 was the day he became a 240 owner, and his allegiance to the JDM world became official.

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Mar 12, 2012

Photography By: John Zhang

Words By: John Zhang

Random Beat: Baus Auto Garage


A few months ago I had the chance to shoot some Nissans while hanging out at Baus Auto. They specialize on Nissans and Infiniti aftermarket bumpers and parts. The following cars have been worked on in some way or another by Baus Auto. Enjoy guys. Read More

Aug 11, 2011

Photography By: AJ Gillett

Words By: Josh Wilson

All Purpose STi: Just Right

All Purpose STi

We all make tweaks to our cars but some guys seem to meticulously adjust their car until it is perfect, just the way they like it: Richard Fisher is one of these owners. He owns a Subaru STi out of the Chicago area that shows you can have both function and form all wrapped up into one car.

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Jun 7, 2011

East Coast Honda Meet 2011

Photography by Chris Sempek & Justin Price / Words by Chris Sempek for Canibeat.com

This year the East Coast did it again for the Honda people. Richmond Virginia served once again as the meeting place for over 800 cars and over 1,000 Honda enthusiasts. The famous location of G-Force Carts provided the large industrial lot needed to park cars ranging from 70’s Civics to NSX’s. Each year the meet grows to meet the needs of more and more guests, and this year reserved spots were sold, food was provided, and hired police helped keep the place organized.

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Feb 8, 2011

Photography By: Anthony Lezada

Words By: JC Vallido

Hard Work, Paid Off

calvins 370 cover

We all know that quickness can be instilled into any automobile. It can come from a twin turbo motor, all motor, tight suspension, and a massive dose of sway bar stiffness. But what’s good of a car if it doesn’t have the right specs and engineering? Exposed in it’s O.E.M. Pearl White paint and sporting all that JDM love, this 370Z flaunts and taunts it’s engineering marvel like it’s the ‘ish!!!

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Dec 14, 2010

Benson’s Sleek Z

Photography by Matt Kwok / Words by JC Vallido for Canibeat.com

We’ve featured a few 350z’s on our site that were nicely slammed, tucked, and flushed. But this time around, we decided to feature a 350z with more function than form. The Nissan 350z is one of the well acclaimed tuner cars that many enthusiasts would choose as a drifting weapon or even a straight line performer. Take Benson Lo’s sleek Z for example, we all know that this car can drift, but add an extra punch with a Jim Wolf pop-charger system in it’s naturally-aspirated V6 engine and it’s hellooooooo boost heaven.

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Oct 14, 2010

Photography By: Anthony Lezada, Noel Barnum, Marcus Cook

Words By: Marcus Cooke

Fatlace presents One of One: Irwindale, CA


When the One of One Showcase came to Long Beach earlier this year I was bummed that I couldn’t make the show when it was in my own backyard (Long Beach, CA) because of a conflict. I was pumped to be able to attend the last One of One of the year in Irwindale this past Saturday. 100 of L.A.’s finest stanced/flush rides were in attendance.

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Oct 6, 2010

NOS Drinks Back to School Meet – Tacoma, WA

Photography and Words by Sam Piva for Canibeat.com

This Saturday I attended the ‘ NOS Drinks Back to School Meet’ at Griots Garage in Tacoma, Washington. If you’ve never visited the North West or really never payed attention to our Honda community it might come as a surprise to most that were not all about being “Hella Flush”
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Jun 23, 2010

Random Beat: Nick’s S2000

Photography by: Ricky Cervantes

Nick and his buddy Brandon made the trip from Illinois to Southern California in his s2000 for Eibach this year and the Canibeat crew was lucky enough to see this car in person.   It was definitely one of the most memorable cars at the event so when I stumbled across this pic Ricky  snapped of the car along the Pacific Coast in Long Beach, CA I had to post it up.   So sharp and I LOVE the lines of the car with the Amuse front bumper, Mooncraft hardtop, and Spoon rear diffuser!

Oh and I can’t forget the wheels… Purple Volk CE28N’s 17×9.5 +28 w/ 255/40/17 RE01R’s

To see more of Ricky’s pics of Nick’s s2000 checkout his site here!

Apr 28, 2010

Mike Boldt x 3 of Canada’s finest…

S2000’s that is! Being a Honda guy I have taken notice to the track inspired styling that has been coming out of Canada for the past few years. In the US we see more street inspired Honda builds where as in Canada I see more guys going the route of complete J’s Racing, Ings+, and Spoon builds.  Mike Boldt who’s work I featured previously here on Canibeat sent me these shots he snapped of three of the nicest s2000’s I’ve seen come out of Canada.  I know the larger 3pc. J’s Racing wings may not be for everyone but love’em or hate’em they serve there purpose on a track  duty car!

You might recognize this car from this months issue of Honda Tuning!

One of my favorite resprayed s2000’s period.  From the first time I saw this car completed I have always loved the dark brown metallic paint with the Bronze Volk RE30’s!

It’s hard to go wrong with white and Mag Blue Volks…

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